About us

Age Friendly Cardiff is a network of organisations including Cardiff Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, South Wales Police, third sector partners and other services, dedicated to making the city a better place for people to grow older.

Age Friendly Cardiff’s Commitments to Older People

We will:

  • Ensure that our citizens can live independently, and are connected to their communities, taking into account what matters to them
  • Create resilient communities and develop strong community networks that can support older people to live well
  • Deliver services in a locality setting, close to citizens homes as a foundation for the provision of seamless, person-centred services
  • Work towards a Dementia Friendly City which helps people living with dementia and their families to thrive
  • Ensure that older people are able to enjoy all aspects of city life and are provided with opportunities to participate in activities and events to improve wellbeing and enrich their lives
  • Deliver a city that is open and accessible to all, and work towards a transport system that everyone has the confidence to use
  • Deliver the best housing outcomes for all older people in Cardiff
  • Collaborate with older people, their carers, support workers and families to improve assessment, diagnosis and care planning practices so that their plan reflects what is important to them and achieves the outcomes they seek
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